Self Reflection through home quarantine – Kumar and Mantu

26 avril 2020, dimanche

Two of our Real Yogis recently returned from India (before the implementation of Circuit Breaker Measures) and have self-imposed themselves to a 14-day stay home quarantine to help battle against the spread of Covid-19. 

Here’s their diary of how they have spent their 14 days, while still keeping grounded with Yoga. 


« It is an opportunity to give yourself some time to connect with the people and things you love. »

After returning from India, I had placed myself on a 2-week home quarantine as a preventive measure against Covid-19. To monitor my temperature, I use a thermometer to check myself twice a day (once in morning, and once at night). It is important that I keep a look out for any symptoms since I was on an international flight that could easily expose myself to any potential carriers.

14 days of home quarantine, for an active person like me, is rather gruelling. Since I could not go out, I had made sure that I have all the essential items ready at home, this includes mask, sanitizer and disinfection air sprays to minimize any transmission to my housemate. I also make sure that I update Real Yoga management on my health status, daily. Master Saumik would always check on me every now and then to ensure that I was feeling alright.

To boost my immunity and energy, I would practice yoga every day. The boredom, however, starts to kick in after a few days as I’m not used to staying at home for such a long period of time. As a person who actively practices and teaches yoga 6 days a week, it’s a different feeling when you suddenly have so much time in your hands.

The bright side from my 14 days of quarantine though, was that I was able to connect with my family in India regularly through frequent phone calls. This is something that I was not able to do so often with my busy schedule.  I was also able to properly rest my body with enough sleep which allows me to prepare myself to get back to work after 14 days.

Through the 14 days of self-quarantine, I realize staying home is not about just chilling or watching movie. It is an opportunity to give yourself some time to connect with the people and things you love. It’s a chance for you to recharge your positive energy, heal and get better mentally and physically.

That is why, when the Circuit Breaker Measures was announced, I use this as an opportunity to love myself more by improving myself through self-practice. I look forward to return to the studios to teach all my students soon.


« I was restless, and I could not eat my meals properly. »

I am always excited to return to work after a long holiday. So much so that I would even wake up earlier for work as compared to when I was on my holiday.

So, imagine my disappoint when, after returning to Real Yoga from a two-week trip to India, I was told by Real Yoga management to stay home for two weeks as a preventive measure against Covid-19.

Due to the situation in Singapore, Master Saumik had advised me not to return to work but instead to stay home and practice yoga daily (twice a day, in the morning and in the evening) as well as reading books to upgrade myself.

Unfortunately, I did not take Master Saumik’s advise seriously and by the 4th day of self-quarantine, I was so stressed that I was having insomnia. During the day, I was restless, and I could not eat my meals properly. Even my housemate noticed the change in me and asked if I was alright.

It was then that I was reminded to Master Saumik’s words and I started to wake up at 8am every morning to practice Yoga. With 90 minutes of practice each day and 10 minutes of Savasana, I started feeling lighter and more energetic.

By the last 10 days of my self-quarantine, I was happy and in peace. I was able to sleep and eat well.

I’m glad I followed Master Saumik’s guidance and was able to get through my 14 days of roller-coaster like self-quarantine because with the new Circuit Breaker Measures from MOH, this journey of grounding had prepared me well for practicing yoga from home and I am glad that I am able to teach this to my students online – a new experience for me which I am grateful for.

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