The Benefits of Sun Salutation

27 mars 2021, samedi

There are many benefits of sun salutation in yoga practice. Also known as Surya Namaskar, it is a series of 12 asanas that are designed to warm, strengthen, and align the entire body. For those pressed for time, the Sun Salutation is a simple yet powerful sequence that can be done every day. And it only requires a short amount of time to keep your practice alive.

In Yoga, there is a saying that « you are only as young as your spine is flexible. » These sun saluting poses primarily focus on body anatomy, and in particular, the mobility of the spine and joints. Continuous practice tones the body, giving it more strength and flexibility.

Below are the myriad of benefits of sun salutation:

It increases the circulation of energy within the body and removes blockages

Many people suffer from stress and feelings of heaviness. This is often caused by a failure to start the day right with proper posture and meditation. Sun Salutations can be performed to give the body a much-needed pause to channel its strength and vitality. It helps boost energy by aligning the body properly, leading to better circulation of the blood.

The lungs, nervous system, heart, as well as joints and muscles will benefit from sun salutation routines. The increased blood circulation will help distribute energy evenly throughout the body. Energy blockages can be awakened and balanced by proper yoga meditation. Unblocking these energy points can help one experience a better state of physical and mental well-being.

Aside from energy circulation, the benefits of sun salutation also include good cardiovascular exercise. It strengthens the body’s core processes when accompanied with proper breathing technique, leading to happiness and satisfaction.

Improves muscle length and flexibility to prevent stiffness or injury

Well-defined muscle tone and flexibility are two of the most important benefits of sun salutation. Tight and inactive muscles in the morning can be awakened by engaging in powerful 15-minute yoga flow routines. Doing this will enable the body to possess a broader range of movement.

Those who practice yoga regularly have the freedom to do the 12 asanas based on personal capacity. For those who are new to the practice, it’s not necessary to exert yourself beyond your capacity. Do not benchmark your progress with the more advanced yogis and yoginis. You will still enjoy the multi-fold benefits of Surya Namaskar while gradually transitioning from basic to advanced routines.

Muscle length and flexibility depend on your activity and fitness level. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, sun salutations can be performed without going beyond your present range of muscle length. More advanced poses can be attempted as your flexibility increases. You should only push yourself up to the point at which your body allows.

Do your joints have poor mobility? Perform sun salutations daily

While flexibility refers to the stretchability of muscles, mobility has something to do with how far the joints can move. Sun salutation poses help to develop both.

What many people don’t realize is that feelings of tiredness or heaviness can be caused by poor joint mobility. A perfect example of this is a person who has difficulty picking things up from the floor. If the person has stiff hip and knee joints, the simple act of bending over can be taxing, if not exhausting.

Sun salutation poses help free up the joints by extending their range of movement. Daily activities that used to be tiring will become much easier. It is normal to feel a fresh surge of energy and positivity as a result. Being able to move freely and lightly can make anyone feel optimistic.

Understand the importance of getting into deep meditation

Sun salutation routines allow various stretching positions to be performed thoroughly and slowly. Not only does this provide many physiological benefits, it also leads to deep meditation at the same time. By focusing on each routine while breathing properly, one can reach a more balanced and relaxed state of mind.

More and more people in our modern world fail to meditate because of their busy lifestyle. The result is psychological stress that eventually leads to poor eating and fitness habits. Performing sun salutation exercises a few minutes each day will help reverse this vicious cycle.

There’s no better time to perform sun salutations that in the morning upon waking up. This is because there are relatively fewer distractions around the home. The environment is usually quiet. And if a person is coming off a deep sleep, the sun salutations can do wonders to gently wake up the muscles.

This doesn’t mean that these routines can’t be performed in the afternoon and evening. The important thing is to do it consistently, regardless of what time it is done. It is typical for people to be more “centered” throughout the day once the practice of sun salutations becomes a lifestyle.

Going beyond physical benefits: Develop virtues of discipline and patience

Performing sun salutations is a form of discipline. It shows commitment to achieving a positive mental and physical state. The fruits of yoga are better appreciated if it’s done on a regular basis.

Attaining the benefits of yoga practice requires patience. While dramatic changes can happen to the body in just one session, the best results come through over a long period of practice. This is why it is more important to be consistent rather than to push the body beyond its limit and giving up from injury or loss of motivation.

Doing these poses does not require a major time commitment either! Just a few minutes each day is enough to enjoy its many benefits. Making this practice a habit will also improve patience and discipline in other aspects of life. Career, relationships, and goals can flourish when you are more focussed and enjoy a calmer state of mind.

Enriching the mind and body at Real Yoga

The benefits of sun salutation encompasses both psychological and anatomical aspects. Improving both the mind and body makes way for a better quality of life. The best thing is that it’s not as complicated as others try to make it so. It can be done for just a few minutes each day.

Here at Real Yoga, we provide tailored practice for your unique situation and fitness level. Anyone can enjoy the benefits of Surya Namaskar and its series of 12 asanas. Feel free to redeem your free consultation with us and book your trial session today.