Can Yoga help us to lose weight? – By Master Saumik

25 avril 2019, jeudi

Can Yoga help us to lose weight?

Mind management prospective
When it comes to weight loss, not everyone would think of Yoga as their first workout choice. After all, it is not an exercise that would raise your heart rate enough to burn calories fast.

It may come as a surprise but regular Yoga practice can influence weight loss. It also helps to tune your body, keeping it trim and tone. While Yoga might not be a sweat-inducing workout, it does help to expend calories, regulates breathing, digestion and re-balance your hormones.

Healthier Food Choices
As with every weight loss programme, diet plays an important factor. Regular practice increases one’s mindfulness, and Yoga practitioners can better relate to their body, keeping their temptations in check.

Yoga practitioners who tend to eat more when they are feeling stress will be more aware of their daily food intake through their mindfulness practice, as Yoga increases one’s sensitivity to distinguish actual hunger as opposed to impulsive snacking caused by emotions. Individuals should also take note of their calories intake as weight loss usually occurs when an individual’s calorie intake in less than their caloric expenditure (the amount of energy expended in a day).

Choosing the right type of Yoga
Thanks to Hollywood celebrities, Yoga has become in vogue. Anyone can Yoga but which type should you go to for weight loss? The ones for the mind, or the ones for the physical body?

Till date, there are 100 different forms of Yoga. It is important to choose the right type of class that would really challenges you and help you to lose weight.

If you want to burn calories, keeping your muscles tone and stretched as well as provide weight-bearing exercise for your bones, these classes with cardiovascular benefit would be ideal:
• Ashtanga
• Vinyasa
• Core Yoga
• Hot Yoga
• Purna
• Hot Back Bend

A 60 to 90 minutes Yoga class will work on strengthening your muscles while Core Yoga would help to tighten those love handles. Once you start to commit yourself with a regular engagement of 4 to 5 times a week, you will be able to see changes in your body shape. Keeping a good balanced diet would help as well.

While there are many times of work out regime, there really isn’t one that is as enduring as Yoga. This ancient spiritual science has been around for over five millennia since it was first developed in India. It incorporates the full aspects of lifestyle which includes choices, diet, mental mindset and philosophical study.

It is possible to lose weight with Yoga, after all it is considered as an aerobic workout which doesn’t just stretch but also cleanses one’s mind.
As with any form of exercise, however, good nutrition is essential. Once you start to pay attention to your diet, you will see the results you want. Exercise right, eat clean, and you’ll be able to actualize your goals.